Bergent helps clients create their own market space


Drawing from a complete range of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, we work with our clients to select the most efficient method to solve the problem at hand, ranging from depth interviews or focus groups through to complex ethnographic studies and large sample investigations using sophisticated multi-factorial statistical techniques.

We have a consistent track record of providing practical marketing intelligence to a wide range of Australian and international clients.  Our work helps our clients create their own market space by:

    • Better understanding and responding to changing customer needs and wants
    • Understanding the mindset and decision hierarchy of specific market segments
    • Developing & evaluating marketing, advertising and merchandising developments
    • Establishing meaningful benchmarks to accurately measure the impact of changes
    • Identifying new customers and how best to talk to them
    • Ensuring existing customers are not alienated by marketing or product changes
    • Developing & evaluating product and service initiatives
    • Improving knowledge of stakeholders such as staff, suppliers, industry peers and shareholders
    • All research is conducted in accordance with ISO 20252, relevant law and professional codes
    • Bergent Research Pty Ltd is a member of AMSRO
    • All Bergent team members are AMSRS accredited and abide by the Code of Professional Conduct in accordance with AMSRO