Empowering strategic marketing decisions

Move beyond the tussle for limited market share.  Understand your consumers, the marketplace and your business to build a powerful brand that creates market space, and rise above the competition.


How does your brand perform?


Through precise questioning, Bergent determines a brand’s success and shortcomings against critical performance measures across appropriate dimensions including: Awareness, Relevance, Differentiation and Bonding.

This comprehensive brand study provides our clients with an accurate tool to measure brand equity.

Regular, consistent tracking allows your business to readily assess marketing and operational performance against changes in brand equity.


Where can you take your brand to create market space?


At the heart of Bergent’s brand analysis is BrandRadar: a graphical tool that offers a straight forward means to communicate consumers’ perception of your brand relative to the competitive landscape.

Using specialised techniques, Bergent qualitatively unveils the key attributes (both emotional and rational) that drive success in a given category.

BrandRadar reveals the strength of differentiation, by uncovering the relative position of each brand in the category.  This enables Bergent to pinpoint the best opportunities in the category to guide marketing initiatives for your brand to ensure you rise above the competition.

Through tracking, BrandRadar provides an invaluable tool to measure ROI of advertising campaigns and other marketing communications.