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What we buy tells the world who we are.

There was an old man and there was a young man.

“Why are you wearing that suit?” asked the old man.

“Because it makes me feel good,” replied the young man.

“But I don’t understand,” said the old man, “how can a suit make you feel good?”

“It’s Armani,” simply replied the young man, “I feel a million dollars.”

Isn’t it amazing, how a suit can make the young man feel so worthy? Oh but I know, it is not just any suit. It is Armani.

Armani suits tailored from the finest threads feel luxurious. They are unique. There is no doubt a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into each production. Armani stands for something. It is there, in the store, waiting to be adapted to the lives of willing participants. Its heart and soul transferred to the life of the buyer… The buyers know their lives will transform with an Armani. Why? Because of how they feel when they put on that suit. Seductive, powerful, worthy and like a million bucks. Now that IS something.

Brands with big hearts boom because they successfully establish a significant emotional connection with their audience. The same way the artist Adele has stolen the heart of almost every music fan in the world. Adele’s songs make you feel. Happy, sad, angry, powerful, strong – whatever emotion it may be – you feel it… in a BIG way. The singer’s heart and soul is right there on the table, for all to experience and adapt to their own lives.

Brands with big hearts and their power to make us feel  

Apple – Express yourself – Fashionable, creative, loyal

Dove – Be yourself. Forget about superficial beauty trends - Down to earth, real, natural beauty

Harley Davidson – Live every day to the fullest. Be who you want to be – Freedom, part of a legacy, truthful, experience the world

Ben & Jerry’s – Be a part of something fun, generous and knowledgeable about the worldGet involved, experience special moments and give back to your community

I could go on. Think about some of the other biggest brands in the world, like Virgin, Coca Cola, Google, Nike, Disney and Starbucks… What do all these brands have in common? They have heart and soul. These brands make us feel something. They teach us about ourselves, provide for us and tap into our deepest wants and needs. They sometimes make us feel special, sometimes lovable, sometimes powerful and sometimes unique. They help us define the persona we truly are or aspire to be.

They successfully establish a significant emotional connection that is truly unique to each buyer.

By understanding how brands make us feel, we will get closer to uncovering the Human Truth™  and underpin real brand connections. That is, the true feelings behind our purchases. Why we really buy certain things and why we buy certain brands. Brands with big hearts have soul and therefore we find it easier to connect with them. These brands are able to lock in to our Human Truth™ and consequently we are drawn to them. Sometimes they can even become a part of us.

For further insight into ‘Brands with Big Hearts Boom’ and the Human Truth™ underpinning behaviour, please contact Belinda Urbans on (03) 9322 4000. Belinda is an Account Manager at Bergent Research based in Melbourne.