Over 20 years experience in entertainment research

How will audiences react to your production?

Bergent has been conducting Recruited Audience Screenings for over 20 years. They provide a thorough evaluation of audience reaction to double-head or finished films and TV shows.

    • Rating against Australian norms
    • Recommendation levels against Australian norms

Bergent’s tried and true method is compatible with that used by the major US studios. By providing both qualitative and quantitative results, Bergent gives objective information to assist in:

    • Finalising editing
    • Optimising screen rollout
    • Focusing promotional campaign
    • Optimising promotional spend

Bergent will manage liaison with the theatre venue, as well as, fill the venue with people recruited to each clients’ requirements.


How useful is the promotional campaign?

¬†Bergent Online advertising surveys test audiences’ reactions to advertising materials such as movie / TV trailers, TVCs, Print Ads, movie posters, movie merchandise (product concepts, sketches, 3D images, packaging etc.)

The Online testing methodology is accurate, meaningful and fast. It is:

    • Statistically reliable
    • Representative of the whole market
    • User friendly
    • Identical and 'as intended' for all respondents

The Online advertising tests produce meaningful results to help measure:

    • Viewer intent
    • Decision drivers
    • Message outtake
    • Prospect relevance


How did audiences react to your film?

Bergent’s Audience Reaction Tests, conducted as exit studies, provide a thorough evaluation of audiences’ reactions to a film under real opening weekend conditions.

To maximise the benefit of Bergent’s studies, exit studies are usually conducted on the opening weekend of the test film, and toplines are available by midday the next working day for discussion.

For each study, Bergent provides:

    • Rating against Australian statistical norms
    • Recommendation levels against Australian statistical norms
    • Opportunities to fine-tune in season ad / pub message orientation and spend
    • Information to optimise screen rollout
    • Estimates of home entertainment potential