The true dynamics of the shopping experience

How do shoppers behave in-store?

Shopper Eye™ is a unique Bergent technique that clearly shows manufacturers, distributors and retailers exactly how shoppers shop.  It is completely unobtrusive and so completely without bias.

Bergent clients have reported sales improvements of around 30% after ShopperEye™ had shown them how to optimise shoppers’ in-store experience of their brand or store.

ShopperEye™ accurately measures:

    • Impact of location in-store
    • Impact of lighting
    • Impact of shelf placement
    • Impact of POS

ShopperEye™ is a powerful research tool. It provides an objective quantitative perspective that allows clients to understand the dynamics of the shopping process in order to optimise in-store impact and sales potential.


What influences shoppers’ purchase decisions?

Shopper Workshops combine real world store visits with advanced psychologically based qualitative research to gain a thorough understanding of how and why shoppers buy a specific brand or product.  By analysing how consumers describe products, brands and the concepts, in and out of stores, Bergent can provide solid insights on ways to:

    • Improve packaging
    • Improve on-shelf impact
    • Optimise promotional opportunities
    • Identify new product development opportunities

Bergent tests Shopper Workshops insights through statistically valid quantitative research among the appropriate target group to maximise the success of our clients’ strategies.


How do shoppers make purchase decisions?

Workshops and focus groups are a powerful way of identifying intellectual and abstract thinking.  Bergent also conducts shopper intercept interviews to add a quantitative dimension to Bergent’s evaluation.

    • Identify important pragmatic aspects of attitudes and decision making
    • Capture different levels of information
    • A more accurate recall of decision making process

How well does your packaging and point of sale convert shoppers?

Bergent uses a variety of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to accurately measure the effectiveness and appeal of packaging and point of sale (POS).

Bergent custom designs each study to address the client’s particular issue.  Research can include a combination of:

    • Focus Groups
    • ShopperEye™
    • Virtual in-store simulation
    • Virtual shelf
    • Conjoint analysis
    • Quantitative survey

To reliably predict sales success, Bergent integrates pack and POS testing with a comprehensive study of the promotional campaign and product reception.