Statistically rigorous measurement

Bergent’s online methodology provides valid and reliable results for the following reasons:


Online surveys eliminate interviewer bias:

Telephone interviewers’ voices can have different effects on respondents’ answers if they are male / female or cheerful / droll or fast / slow. Online research eliminates variations


Pictures, sound and video clips can be included in surveys:

This enables online research to do as much as face-to-face and central location research at a lower cost and with a much greater geographical spread


Respondents have greater recall:

Online respondents do not feel pressured into giving quick answers because there is no interviewer waiting on them so they are likely to think more about a response before moving on to the next question


Opportunity for more detailed responses:

Since online respondents have more time to think, and can complete the questionnaire in their own time, their replies to open-ended questions are often more thoughtful and detailed. Telephone respondents feel pressure to begin responding quickly, often before they have had a chance to think much


Greater honesty:

In their own environment, respondents are more likely to be honest and considered with their responses.  As evidenced by the number of blog & internet chat sites where people openly discuss personal matters with more candour than they do face-to-face


More time efficient:

All respondents receive the study at the same time, so distribution is extremely rapid, unlike other methods where an interviewer can only conduct one survey at a time


Cost savings for clients:

There is no duplication of stimulus materials required, no printing cost for questionnaires and no labour costs for interviewers


Quick loading times:

While respondents complete the initial screening and demographic questions, visual materials download in the background, meaning no waiting, no lag and all respondents have the same quality of picture, regardless of modem connection


Online surveys offer an accurate and cost effective means of data capture for quantitative studies.  Through our sample suppliers, Bergent distributes surveys via the internet to respondents who have “opted-in” to participate in market research.  This ensures a higher response rate than telephone or face-to-face survey methods.


Bergent aggregates respondents across a number of panels.  This ensures a large, nation-wide sample of just over 4 million people that is representative of the Australian population.