Sealing the deal

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What Sells in the Critical Last Seconds before Purchase

John Berenyi, Managing Director of Bergent Research, recently Chaired and presented at the IQPC two day In-Store Excellence 2008 conference -  Australia’s premier summit on the in-store retail space, showcasing innovations in Australia and internationally.

Supermarket shopping

John’s presentation, titled “Sealing the Deal: What Sells in the Critical Last Seconds Before Purchase,” covers:

    • The latest trends and when to exploit them
    • Understanding how shoppers shop so you can be there where and when they need and want you
    • Discovering why shoppers pay more for a brand when they are all the same
    • Predicting winning packs and POS that grab attention and generate sales

Using local and international examples, “Sealing the Deal” provides thought provoking high-level recommendations for retailers and manufacturers.

Delegates at the recent In-Store Excellence 2008 conference had this to say:

    • John is great to listen to and has practical concepts
    • Extremely relevant and great delivery
    • Good to see actual examples of merchandising from around the world
    • Great speaker - very relevant and engaging
    • Good examples to illustrate his points. Excellent.
    • I took away good learnings

If you would like to see the presentation or to talk to Bergent about our tailored research solutions, contact us.