Virtual Shelf Testing

Build sales and margin by Understanding how shoppers really shop at the shelf

Virtual shelf testing uses a randomised, controlled, double blind experimental design to accurately test shelves in a simulated real world environment.

Clients Build sales by:

    • Optimising packaging by enabling quantification of shopper reactions and behaviour
    • Maximising sales by refining planograms and adjacencies
    • Finding out what shoppers are willing to pay for your brand by testing price elasticity
    • Understanding what POS and advertising will have the greatest impact on shopper behaviour
    • Gaining an understanding of how shoppers shop your brand relative to competitors

Working with our technology partner Simstore, who are the world leaders in offering virtual shelf solutions, Bergent has conducted numerous studies that have helped maximise ROI with clients such as:

    • Treasury Wine Estates (Foster’s)
    • Clorox
    • Kraft
    • Cadbury
    • SCA